Keep Your HVAC System Working in Peak Condition

Rely on us for ongoing AC maintenance services in Port Saint Lucie, FL

Did you know that most major HVAC repairs could have been avoided? Damage doesn't happen overnight - it builds over time. Get routine AC maintenance services from Sophisticated Cooling & Heating, Inc. in Port Saint Lucie, FL. We'll help you catch issues early before they turn into costly surprises.

We offer custom maintenance plans for both residential and commercial clients. You'll have complete peace of mind knowing your heating and cooling system is in good hands.

Call your local HVAC maintenance company today to learn more about our rates.

Leave nothing up to chance

Leave nothing up to chance

Our comprehensive AC maintenance services will place your entire system under the microscope. Hire us to:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Vacuum the drain line and drain pan
  • Add bleach tablets
  • Remove buildup on indoor or outdoor coils

Performing these tasks throughout the year will prolong the life of your system, lower energy costs and improve your HVAC performance. Reach out today to get a free estimate from our HVAC maintenance company.