Gold Package

PAY NOW$180.00 / Year

  • 2 visits per year.
  • Take readings on refrigerant levels and visually inspect for any refrigerant leaks, give proper recommendation
  • Draw readings of compressor capacitor and outdoor fan motor for proper operation.
  • Inspect compressor's contactor to make sure is make good connection.
  • Visually inspect condenser for debris and dirt built up around coils, rinse them off in needed and water available close to unit outside.
  • Inspect thermostat functions and ensure accuracy for most efficient operation.
  • Inspect ducts in attic if access available and test air flow capacity throughout the system.
  • Check return and supply temperature differentials to make sure they are within proper conditions.
  • Check superheat temperature at condenser if orifice at air handler meters refrigerant to ensure no flooding to compressor and overworking system.
  • Check sub cooling temperature at condenser if TXV valve at air handler metering refrigerant to ensure system has sufficient refrigerant to be able to cool home at peak hot weather.
  • Check indoor coil for proper air circulation and not restricting air flow which could cause very high electric bills.
  • Collect amperage draw from indoor blower motor to make sure it's still efficient.
  • Flush out main drain line, vacuum it out and add bleach tablets, to prevent premature water leaking on floor.
  • Add up to 1 lb. of refrigerant if needed worth ($50)
  • Spray indoor coils with biodegradable solution if coil less than 30% impacted to keep coils from restricting air flow.
  • Keep giving tips and advise on how to keep improving the life of the system after tune up has been performed.